RDOGS is a community group formed by Joanna Schwarz and Maren Bruun in October 2014 and is a registered non-profit society (2015).

“The purpose of our Society is to advocate and inspire a culture of responsible dog ownership through positive initiatives that benefit the whole community.”

The group was formed in response to our growing community and increasing conflicts between dog/dog, dog/human and dog/wildlife.

We want to be proactive to ensure that there is always a place for dogs and their responsible owners in public areas.

RDOGS works closely with the District of Squamish and other community groups.

Responsible Dog Owners’ Group of Squamish
PO Box 1046
Garibaldi Highlands, BC
V0N 1T0

2016 Board Members
President: Maren Bruun
Vice-President: Julie MacKinnon
Secretary: Amy Remark
Treasurer: Mary Moore
Director: Dr. Melanie Armstrong
Director: Kim Daniel
Director: Jen Smith